pro Matrix's Investment Circle offers an exclusive investment portfolio to a limited number of handpicked investors.

The pro Matrix Investment Circle grants investors access to excellent and profitable real estate investments. Within our Investment Circle two partners interact confidentially: On the one hand, pro Matrix with two decades of expertise in successful real estate investment, development, and construction through its parent company MITRAS Immobilien Investment GmbH. On the other hand, the investors on the search for the most profitable and most promising real estate investment.

Pro Matrix's Investment Circle thus fosters an exclusive market place where both sides meet. A place where offer and demand meet to unite in mutual benefit!

Exclusive Real Estate Investments at the Algarve

Within like-minded investors pro Matrix is itself member of the Investment Circle. Like all other investors pro Matrix is an equity member and provides capital to the exclusive real estate projects. This pivotal characteristic of the Investment Circle guarantees utmost diligence and highest quality in all strategic investment decision processes. The pro Matrix Investment Circle allows its investors to participate directly at the success of our real estate projects.


pro Matrix Algarve ONE is a subsidiary of MITRAS Real Estate Investment. In nearly two decades we at MITRAS have built up extensive expertise in the development of first-class real estate projects.

This expertise encompasses

  • the development of undeveloped real estate
  • the enlargement and extension of pre-WWII residential buildings
  • the construction, the furnishing, and the marketing of apartments; and
  • the conceptual design and development of real estate portfolios for investors

At pro Matrix Algarve ONE we exercise a holistic view onto each real estate project and the involved construction work. We pay close attention to each and every detail: we investigate alternative energy strategies and endeavor an optimal use of sunlight and other natural resources to achieve a low cost energy supply and reduce the ecological footprint. Our goal is to ensure the best possible pricing that benefits all stakeholders.

During the project development we bring all managerial aspects of the project in line. This includes cost projection and monitoring, project planning and scheduling, quality assurance and considerations on environmental factors and restrictions. Our project management ties together investors/clients, architects, construction companies, craftsmen, and public authorities. In addition we develop marketing and financing strategies, and administer the tenancy of residential properties.


Pro Matrix and its parent company MITRAS acquired long-standing experience in the realization of

  • real estate project planning and management
  • construction of apartments, as well as row and twin houses
  • financing services
  • participation models
  • investment consulting

In these business areas pro Matrix acquired excellent know-how and established an excellent network at the Algarve – a dynamic and diverse real estate market where experience and expertise form the backbone of a successful business.

How we operate

Our work and what we do is transparent to all stakeholders involved. In this way we create a environment of trust between our investors, renters/clients, and us, the people behind pro Matrix.

Our highest premise is our reliability – this is the foundation of our success! We work diligently, cost effective, and, above all, professional. We adapt to the needs of our investors and clients. Of course we continuously monitor the market and identify successfully emerging trends.

Responsibility – Confidentiality – Transparency

Investors trust us – because we hold dear the triumvirate of: responsibility, confidentiality, and transparency.

pro Matrix's participation in investment projects is of both operative and financial nature in that we invest our capital in our projects. We thus assume full responsibility for our actions in the face of our investors. Note that investors are granted full access to every piece of information with regard to our real estate investments. In this way our entire investment process is transparent.