Without question, the location of a real estate is essential for its subsequent leasing. Yet, it is only one of many criteria when it comes to longterm profitability.

It is in this respect essential that the estate matches the expectations and desires of prospective renters, be it guests on vacation or longterm leasers. In this context, considerations as to whether the estate should be located in a quiet and rural area or close to a lively city center, or whether greater importance is given to the availability of sport facilities or easy accessibility to wide-stretched hiking routes. To make a satisfying choice for many years to come a decision needs to be made on what type of guests a real estate investment should attract.

We also ensure that a real estate meets our high standards, including, among others, attractive furnishings and modern equipment as well as a well-developed infrastructure. Estates located close to the beach or those with direct sea view guarantee a memorable stay and joyful holiday memories.

We thoroughly renovate all real estate whose tenancy we manage and ensure that the technical equipment is up-to-date and that the furniture is in place and appealing to the eye.