During our long-standing professional real estate engagement in Austria we successfully completed scores of projects.

We profitably realized the construction of residential and business buildings, the negotiation and handling of commercial real estate investments, the edification of family and apartment houses, and also the renovation of pre-WWII residential buildings.

Our business thrives on our outstanding contacts: We acquire the majority of our real estate projects through our network of reliable partners. This ensures a cost-effective acquisition that lays the foundation for later earnings. Among our many investors we are also proud to have prominent national and international athletes and actors as our clients.

Your investment lies in professional hands – we continuously inform you on our progress and our procedures are transparent:

  • On-site inspection and thorough analysis of the real estate including the preparation of a structured documentation
  • Assessment of the investment situation with respect to market, location, and estate specific properties
  • Development of a marketing and renting strategy
  • Preparation of contracts and other legal documents
  • After-sales services